mercredi 17 septembre 2014

Arash Derambarsh - Courbevoie - Interview au magazine Arabian Business

Interview au magazine Arabian Business

The Importance of Enhancing Communication Channels and Collaboration Opportunities between France and the Middle East.

Interview with Mr. Arash Derambarsh, the Political Author and Member of the Board of the French city of Courbevoie (Paris) during his visit to Dubai.

Kindly introduce yourself and share with us the reason of your visit to Dubai.

“I was elected 6 months ago as a member of Courbevoie’s Council. Earlier, I was working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( When Mr. Dominique de Villepin was the Minister of Foreign Affairs). I have  worked at the Ministry of Interior (during the service of Nicolas Sarkozy as Minister of Interior). I, further, worked with a Delegate at the Parliament.”“Courbevoie, located in Paris (France) includes “la Defense” and is one of the most densely populated municipalities in Europe. Also, Courbevoie ranks as the second-best and most dynamic economical pole in Europe. (La Defense, Paris’s business district hosting the tallest buildings in the metropolitan area, spreads over the southern part of Courbevoie.). When I got elected, I prioritized the creation of employment opportunities and the enhancement of the city’s relationships with the other economically-remarkable cities around the world. Yesterday, I met the new General Consul of Dubai who represents the French Government in the United Arab Emirates. His excellency, the General Consul, said he would spare no possible assistance for this project.”

Why does a local official play such a role ?

“Due to the recent conflicts we continue to witness in the world, I have been driven to contribute to extending bridges between the Eastern and Western civilizations through the commercial and cultural exchanges. In a bid to assure and highlight this matter, I always address it to the leaders in France and try my best to communicate with their personnel around the world. I believe that creation of careers is the prime concern of the decision-makers everywhere and I think this constitutes a great chance for building such bridges.”
What have you achieved during this visit ?

“I met the management of  Majid Al Futtaim Companies Group. The company has  over 25 thousand employees and is considered the fourth largest employer in the region. Keeping in mind that there are many young people in my city who are willing to travel out of France, I came here and talked to the officials in-charge at “Majid Al-Futtaim-Carrefour” regarding a coalition, and their response was very positive. I hope this individual initiative turns into a real partnership between Courbevoie and Dubai. This is the first time an official, who is locally elected in France, has come up with such an initiative in Dubai.”“I do not want to take help from a French bureaucratic body due to its slow pace. I am an elected official who believes I must urge companies and deal with schools and organizations. I will contact schools and universities at the beginning of the academic year and inform them about our initiative to select the most-brilliant students they have and train them in Dubai. This will inspire students giving them the sense of distinction and responsibility because they know that their hard-work and diligence will be directly rewarded.”

What is the goal of this partnership ?

The goal of the partnership is to send young French people to Dubai for a period of two years, after which they would return home with open-minds and wider horizons, armed with expertise and know-how. Our students will grow, learn and increase their knowledge while going through such training in a global country like UAE. They will also change their misconceptions about the Arabian world. Lack of knowledge increases misunderstandings and consequently problems between culturally diverse individuals. Travelling enlightens people and eliminates pre conceived notions that generate hatred and malice, racism and discrimination. However, they will have to work hard and meet the expectations of the company.”

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